As a winemaker for over 25 years, I’ve embraced uncertainty. Winemaking is not solely about crafting the highest quality wine; it’s a tribute to the land, the ocean, the tranquility of nature, and the connections of life.


Explore Our Appellation Series Wines

Embark on the journey through our appellation series, each a testament to the diverse range of geological events, maritime micro-climates and sense of place.

$40 per person


Discover Our Single Vineyard Site-Driven Wines

Uncover the nuances of our exclusive Single-Vineyard collection, each bottle a narrative of the unique interplay between terroir, the upwelling of the Pacific current and fog-laden landscapes.

$60 per person


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The Auteur Bungalow
373 First Street West
Sonoma, California 95476
Call / Text (707) 938-9211

Experience a Little Sonoma History

Tucked away in downtown Sonoma, we welcome you to our 1915 American Bungalow, originally home to pioneering vineyard workers. We have carefully restored the classic bungalow to welcome you to our Auteur home.

Auteur Wines in Sonoma, CA for premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay


“The wines themselves are absolutely delicious! I typically gravitate more towards a fuller bodied, creamy Chardonnay and boy oh boy, did Auteur deliver on the Chards! We also had a few tastings of their Pinot Noir – Oh my goodness, the 2019 Labyrinth Pinot will blow your mind and have you wanting more. I’ve said this before, yes, we are big wine guys, but before they could even mention the Wine Club, my Husband and I just gave each other a look like “it’s not even a question, we are joining this wine club”. And joined we did! A+ customer service!” ⁣-Amy, San Diego, CA.