As a vintner-founded winery, we buck trends, we are independent to explore – we push boundaries, we care about diversity in our farming, we collaborate, we are brave with our wines, we craft with intensity to transpose their place and time, to tell their story.  We maintain a solid commitment to the freedom and fluidity of the creative process, surrendering to the land and lifecycle of the season. We are committed to the best farming practices and work with a community of passionate winegrowers, chefs, wine collectors, and dedicated clientele.

Kenneth and Laura Juhasz Auteur Wines Founders in Burgundy France 1999

Our story starts 20 years ago, after working through college in wine shops and restaurants combined with some soul-searching along the way, the discovery of Pinot Noir offered infinite possibilities. It is grounded through the work of farming, allows to push the boundaries of traditional winemaking, and fuels the constant need for curiosity and discovery. The pathway to Pinot began with explorations to Burgundy, working harvests in Willamette Valley, Sonoma, Napa, and New Zealand, consulting for some of the top California producers, then ultimately starting Auteur.

Kenneth Juhasz Auteur Winemaker thinking about starting a winery
Why Northern California? Geological chaos, of course

Very few areas of the world have such exceedingly diversified, wavy topography and are spectacularly scenic. Northern California is a geologic paradise and unsurpassed for growing cool-climate varietals. Exploring and pushing the boundaries of Northern Califonia is at the heart of what we do. Our cooling and persistent coastal fog stratus, ancient volcanoes, and tectonic shifts create an exceedingly diversified topography which becomes our focal points and stand-alone features of our wines.