We are a vintner-founded winery, we are independent to explore and believe in full creative control. We value the personal touch – from farming to winemaking to you – with the same authenticity that guides our work and our lives. No pretense, no posing, no nonsense, just complete commitment to bold choices and fearless winemaking, rejecting the constraints of the conventional and resolute in our pursuit of adventure.


Nature knows best, and we know enough to let her be our guide. We immerse ourselves in a vineyard’s native tongue, nurturing the vines in the language of its place of origin. The why of the where inspires us. We say yes, to the often unruly and contrary vineyards and yes, to the iconic sites of Northern California. Diversity strengthens our creative chain – it makes us stronger, with more breadth, depth and possibilities.


Wine speaks clearly – if you listen carefully. Pinot Noir is the most demanding, yet creative, of all wine varietals and the subject of our admittedly relentless obsession. We are committed to create a balance of intrigue and anticipation while honoring the reverence of our sites. Truth is in the soil, empowering the unique voice of our wines.