Russian River Valley
Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir
Soil   Goldridge Soils
Clones   Pommard and Dijon Clones

“Hundreds of thousands of years of marine incursion and seismic upheaval, volcanic eruptions erosion, and alluvial deposition have created an oddly embrangled landscape of brooding redwood forests enlightened by apple groves, bright glades and canyons filled with ferns and madrone, where hawks and eagles congregate above ridges to surf the maritime wind.” Rod Smith, LA Times

Sourced from several small parcels dotted throughout Russian River planted in Goldridge Sandy Loam which consists of very deep, moderately well-drained soils formed in material weathered from weakly consolidated sandstone.  It is approximately 60 percent sand, 10 percent clay, and 30 percent silt particles.  Traditionally known to have low magnesium content, Goldridge soil provides good drainage, encourages deep rooting but not excessive vigor and has an outstanding, natural chemical balance for excellent site-driven characteristics to our Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Subsoil of golden yellow, sandy loam and fractured sandstone, Gold Ridge soils began as the bed of an inland sea that slowly emptied into the ocean several million years ago. Fossil shells commonly show up in the area’s wells and rocky outcrops.

The results bring us a seamless almost weightless and obtuse palate full with concentration and an intense density at their core with sandy fine tannins and lengthy finish.


Fall 2022 Release