Crushing It 2021

Wrapping up the Fall 2021 Harvest. We have so much wine, which is fantastic. We continue to source from Point Conception north to Mendocino zig-zagging throughout Northern California to bring you the best with lots of variety and spice. We are finishing up on cold soak fermentations on the Pinots and starting to press.

Spring Feelings

Approaching Sebastopol in West Sonoma County, you can feel the change in climate and landscape. The pace slows, the roads wander, the rosters crow, the tension leaves. The smells of coastal evergreens, apple orchards, poppies and wild fennel combine with cooling air from the ocean. Our cool varietals are loving the cool foggy mornings and early evening fog. Bloom arrived in Sonoma on May 10th with a beautiful display of stamen and pistils.

Laura & Kenneth

Happy Holidays

As challenging as the year has been – and admittedly, sometimes it was truly
mind-blowing, there’s still lots to be thankful for. We are so grateful for you and
the entire Auteur community.

You made our hearts swell when the spring Members release went out during our
shelter-in-place order, we knew it was going to be a difficult time for everyone, and
you embraced us and full-heartedly and with great enthusiasm. We are forever
grateful to you all for your support of us and for sharing our wines with your
friends and family.

Have a wonderful holiday filled with gratitude, love, loads of wine and lots of cheer
to ring in the new year.

Laura & Kenneth