Spring in Sonoma is the Best Time to Visit, Local’s Secret

Every February and March, Sonoma turns fifty shades of green mimicking the fabled isles of Ireland – without the transatlantic flight. After the hustle of harvest, holidays, and New year, it’s the local’s secret time of repris. The crowds have left, hotels are welcoming with special rates and restaurants are usually open to walk-ins without reservations allowing for an impromptu last-minute trip.

As for the vineyards, they are just starting to wake up. Approaching Sebastopol in West Sonoma County, you can feel the change in climate and landscape. The pace slows, the roads wander, the roosters crow, and the tension leaves. The smells of coastal evergreens, apple orchards, poppies, and wild fennel combine with cooling air from the ocean. Our cool wine varietals are loving the cool foggy mornings and early evening fog. Bloom arrived in Sonoma on May 10th with a beautiful display of stamen and pistils.

Laura & Kenneth, hope to see you in Spring