Moon Mountain District
Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation   Moon Mountain District
Grower   Phil Coturri
Vineyard   60 Acres
Soil   Fractured Basalt, Ash
Clones   Nobody Knows

Moonlike outcroppings erupt from deep purple soils, the signs of the massive volcanoes that formed the Mayacamas Mountains are everywhere at this site. Even the soils, predominately fractured basalt and ash, can give the place a particularly lunar feel, hence The Moon Mountain District name. The elevation keeps these vineyards out of all but the thickest summer fog, so days are long and warm while the nights are cool and dry. The coastal influence and constant cooling winds allow grapes to ripen slowly, creating deep extracted flavors.

Farmed by the world-renowned, Phil Coturri, recognized for his lifelong dedication and advocacy for sustainable agriculture.

2019 Auteur Nunnery Cabernet Sauvignon

Inky with juicy boysenberry and blackberry, dark cocoa, blood orange, and five-spice. Sleek and luxurious palate with velvet-like tannins around a long and vertical structure of tobacco, currant, and chaparral layer leading to a harmonious finish.

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