I won’t try another Pinot Noir without comparing it to Auteur. They are true artisans. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t pay them a visit. If you can’t make it to Sonoma, buy their wine online. You will not be disappointed.
– Barry J, Nov 2017·

Best Pinot on the Sonoma Square! So glad we found you guys.
– Katie W, Jan 2017

We had a blast!
– Jason M, July 2016

We have been singing your praises and giving out your number. You ruined our other tastings – didn’t even compare!
– Erin, August 2016

Auteur was definitely the highlight of our trip. I will be back for sure!
– Britt S, Nov 2016

Honestly one of the most fun and delicious tastings we’ve ever done. We will definitely be back! Look forward to the new releases.
– Lisa D, January 2016

It was such a wonderful tasting. You got us hooked on Auteur! Can’t wait to get our shipment! Thanks.
– Bianca M, May 2016

I had such a great time. The wines are lovely, and the tasting experience you create makes one feel like they are sitting down with dear friends for a long overdue visit. Thank you for sharing your love of the wines, the winemaking process, and your knowledge with us. Such a treat! I can’t wait to share the Auteur experience with family and friends.
– Amy R, June 2016

Thank you, Bobbi, for the delightful tasting! I must say it was the most fun tasting of the entire day, and Kenneth’s wines showed extremely well against those tasted throughout the day. Hope to see you again soon.
– Sherry H, February 2016

We’ll be back in October!
– Barry L, April 2016

We always enjoy visiting and tasting at your great “home” in Sonoma. Look forward to seeing you again.
– Larry H, June 2016

My dad and I still talk about your wines all the time; we just loved our experience with you back at the end of Feb., and have family friends in town and would LOVE LOVE LOVE for them to meet you and do a tasting at Auteur!
– Madeleine F, May 2016

We had a great time – see you again!
– Mark P, June 2016

Thanks for such a great tasting.
– Karen C, June 2016

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you; we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
– Michael C, June 2016

We cannot thank you enough for making our Saturday such a wonderful day. You can’t get rid of us. We went through our list of friends to be able to bring new people who would enjoy you and the way you make enjoying the wine more than a nice drink. Thanks again for all you do.
– Bruce S, May 2016

I cannot begin to express what a pleasant surprise and special treat it was for us to experience your ‘abbreviated’ wine tasting. You made it a truly memorable experience!
– Mark B, May 2016

Thinking of you now. Enjoying the 2008 Chard!!!!!! OMG. Do you still have more around?
– Bianca M, May 2015

We were at your tasting room about a year ago and would like to now introduce our friends to your wines.
– Mark J, May 2016

We had a wonderful time that afternoon with you, and the wines were fabulous! I hope to bring my husband back for a visit in the late summer/early fall.
– Bobbie L, May 2016

Had a great time – I’ll be back!
– Kristine P, May 2016

We shared the 2014 Auteur Pinot with our friends last night; everyone loved it! Is it possible to purchase additional bottles?
– Mike & Jeanne, May 2016

Just wanted to thank you for our wonderful tasting. We loved spending the afternoon with you and Kenneth’s wonderful wines!
– Debbie, May 2016

Thank you SO much for such a unique and wonderful experience at Auteur. We both had a fantastic time and T says it was both his favorite wine AND his favorite tasting experience, not just of the weekend, but ever. Needless to say, we’ll be back@ And we’ll send people your way…but only select people. 
– Beth C, May 2016

Thank you for the wonderful experience. We look forward to enjoying the fine wines we purchased, and know where to go to purchase more!
– Lisa A, May 2016

Thanks Bobbi! The tasting was a gas! Quite a treat – you do a great job! See you next time…
– Mike B, May 2016

Thanks Bobbi! You were a blast, and we’ll definitely be returning!
– Katie O, May 2016

Great meeting you; we enjoyed so much!
– Susan & John, May 2016

Thanks Bobbi, we had a great time!
– David J, May 2016

Thank you Bobbi! So great to see you and share the Auteur experience with our friends.
– Phil S, May 2016

Thanks for a wonderful tasting experience!!!
– Chris & Amy, May 2016

Thank you so much Bobbi! I so enjoyed that day. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to visit again so that I can bring more back to Mexico.
– Michelle M, April 2016

My friend and I did a tasting with you in February. We loved your wines, and now want to come back to taste the new releases because they are all so good.
– Maryanne C, April 2016

OMG. We so loved our day and we so loved meeting you. What a great experience we had tasting wine with you! We are looking forward to our case of wine!
– Celina R, April 2016

So wonderful to experience Auteur Wines. Thank you for sharing your colorful stories…truly adds to the moment and ambience. I’ve received my wines and look forward to sharing them w/my wine lover friends … or perhaps hog them for self-consumption. Looking forward to seeing you again…
– Monica R, April 2016

Great seeing you as always! I know this is a long shot but any chance you have a few bottles of the 2013 Labyrinth still available? It is a magical wine, our favorite.
– Stephanie M, April 2016

My dad has been singing your praises for years, and I now want to set up a tasting with friends.
– Sean B, April 2016

Thanks for the lovely and informative wine tasting!
– Mary B, April 2016

Two years ago I came with a group of friends for a tasting at your beautiful Sonoma tasting room and we all had a lovely time. I was most surprised by how much I enjoyed your Sonoma Coast Chardonnay since I’m usually an abc white wine drinker. Of course I got hooked on Auteur! It was one of my best birthdays ever!
– Nichole K, April 2016

Thank you Bobbi for sharing your wine and space with us! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you!
– Kate S, April 2016

Thanks for a great time yesterday…
– Jeff S, April 2016

Thanks again for that lovely afternoon! Just drank the 2013 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay. I’m a very happy lady.
– Alexis W, April 2016

Thank you so much for such an incredible experience last week! We are already planning a return trip one weekend this fall that will of course include a visit to Auteur.
– Caroline P, March 2016

Our visit with you at the tasting room was one of the best we had.
Mary, March 2016

Thank you for introducing me to Auteur. You are an amazing hostess and I am grateful to you for your time.
– Philip P, March 2016

We had a wonderful time with you, and looking forward to visiting the tasting room again soon. Thanks!
– Jeff, March 2016

Thank you so much – you are great!!! Can’t wait to taste your wines again … from our own cellar!
-Tom H, March 2016

We served the Rose at a dinner today and our friends want to buy a case. I’m giving them your name and number to order. Yummy!
– Melissa & Mike, March 2016

Thank you for your time. We enjoyed it very much.
– Kurt W, March 2016

We finished a couple bottles of the Pinot at dinner last night. So tasty! Thanks.
– Anthony C, March 2016

Thanks so much for such a wonderful tasting experience this afternoon! We really enjoyed spending time with you in exploring Auteur. Really great wines and great descriptions. THANKS MUCH!
– Tom H, March 2016

Thanks so much for tasting and wine. Love your wine and look forward to next visit.
– Deborah B, March 2016

We need to build a new wine cellar! It’s overflowing… Thanks!
– Nikki K, March 2016

Wow, I feel honored, tasted some great wines, in gracious company, and received wonderful email notes. All in one day! Thank you so much. Glad L wasn’t with me or we would’ve needed another vehicle to carry the wine!
– Richard D, March 2016

Thanks Bobbi, we had a great time!
– Marney M, March 2016

Thank you Bobbi! It was a sincere pleasure meeting you! Here’s to next time!
– Andy & Brian, February 2016

Thanks Bobbi! It was great meeting you; looking forward to enjoying the wine!
– Kristie H, February 2016

Thank you, again, for the tasting!
– Heather M, February 2016

Thank you for a wonderful tasting, you made it so much fun! We look forward to coming back.
– Kathy D, January 2016

Thank you again for making time for us last night; we had a wonderful experience. Cheers!
– Ryan J, January 2016

Thanks Bobbi. You and Auteur really brightened our whole trip. I’m sure these 12 bottles will be long gone before we make it back to the area. Can we order more?
– Bob & Kathy S, January 2016

Hey Bobbi, thank you so much!
– Bill T, January 2016

Thanks Bobbi. Great time as always.
– Mark R, January 2016

We had a fantastic afternoon with you! What a great way to ring in the new year. Hope to see you again soon.
– Joan & Tony, Beth & Steve, January 2016

It was so lovely to meet you! Thank you so much for the tasting, we had such a great time! What a unique, intimate experience.
– Lindsay W, December 2015

Thank you for your excellent hospitality.
– Steve H, December 2015

It was such a pleasure to meet you and sample the amazing wines of Auteur. We cannot wait to come back and taste again very soon.
– Brian & Elizabeth, December 2015

Thank you so much. We just love you.
– Suzy H, December 2015

So fortunate to have you on my speed dial for incredible wine access! We enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with your Manchester Ridge to accompany the turkey. Outstanding as always!!! See you soon.
– Kate K, November 2015

I am back in London and have already drunk 3 of your Pinots, all wonderful. Could I become a member?
– Paul B, November 2015

My aunt and uncle are visiting this weekend and I want to take them somewhere special so Auteur came to mind. (Just cracked the ’12 Durell Chard, very happy and about to chase it with Sunday dinner!)
– John L, November 2015

I can’t tell you how much fun we had. That was an amazing time thanks to you and the Juhasz!! We will be back for sure!
– Jad E, November 2015

Thanks Bobbi, we had a wonderful experience and it was a pleasure meeting you.
– Mollie B, November 2015

Thank you so much!! We truly enjoyed the experience. You (and the wines) were amazing! We hope to dazzle more friends in the future with an Auteur experience.
– Chris S, November 2015

Thanks Bobbi – we really enjoyed our time at Auteur. It was a high point of our weekend in Sonoma. We’ll definitely return the next time we’re in town!

– Bharat A, November 2015

Thank you for making our trip so memorable. You were a delightful hostess and we all agreed it was our favorite wine experience. Wow! Can’t wait to revisit the Chardonnays.
– Kathy H, November 2015

The experience was fantastic and the wines were phenomenal. I loved your presentation and how you explained things, and the way you took your time was greatly appreciated. I’ll be ordering more vino from Auteur in the future!
– Orlando C, October 2015

We had such a great time! Now we are looking forward to enjoying our wine.
– Anna W, October 2015

Thanks for a great time yesterday. I’ve texted a few friends about your tasty Labyrinth Pinot and told them it was in short supply.
– Mark J, October 2015

Bobbi, we had a ball. What a terrific tasting. You are the perfect ambassador for Auteur Wines. Fun, informative and delightful. The wines are fantastic and we look forward to our next opportunity to introduce friends or family to Auteur. Thank you for a perfect afternoon.
– Rebecca & Brad, October 2015

It was fantastic meeting you. Can’t wait to crack open some of those Pinots!
– Armita S, October 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful visit and tasting. You have to be here my next visit, hopefully in early spring!
– Norman A, October 2015

I have to say that was one of the best tasting experiences I’ve ever had. Not sure why, since I read so many positive reviews of the wine beforehand, but I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. …The way you do your tasting is so relaxed too, that it felt more like visiting someone’s home than doing a wine tasting.
– Ryan F, February 2014

Thanks for such an enjoyable time tasting the Auteur wines last Wednesday. You were very generous with your time and it made a big difference to taste the wines over a couple of hours so we could really appreciate how the wines evolve. …Kenneth is making excellent wines and the impression is greatly enhanced by such an enjoyable and pleasant tasting experience.
– Ross R, January 2015

We had a wonderful time. …Auteur is by far the best!
– Romy P, January 2015

Thanks for your wonderful hospitality yesterday. It was very memorable and our “clan” will certainly pass along the good word about Auteur Wines.
– Ian M, December 2014

We had a wonderful time yesterday and all the wines were incredible. Thank you very much for hosting us…
– Colin M, December 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful tasting experience! We truly enjoyed it and reacquainting ourselves with the wines of Auteur. …Again, thank you for creating a special afternoon for us. Salut!
– Marney M, December 2014

Thank you for making us feel so welcome in your “Auteur” home. The connection you have with Kenneth and his wine is obvious. I have November 2nd on my calendar for next year, just kidding. We hope to see you again soon.
– Phil S, November 2014

Thank you for a great day! We’re huge fans of Auteur. Thanks for a fun afternoon!
– Kirsten C, November 2014

Thank you for a lovely tasting. An excellent wine tasting!
– Melissa M, November 2014

We absolutely adored the cottage and all the wines are brilliant. Cheers!
– Brittainy W, November 2014

…Thank you for accommodating us this last Saturday. The six of us had the perfect ending to the perfect day. Your wines were wonderful, you were so friendly and accommodating of our late departure and our social nature. The property was beautiful and our photos will bring smiles to our faces for years to come. We will see you in the future.
– Shea S, November 2014

It was great to meet you! Enjoyed the libations and conversation. You’re a great ambassador to wine country. Cheers!
– Jeff M, October 2014

Thank you so much for everything yesterday! The wines were fabulous and meeting you was a special experience. When we open each bottle, we’ll see your warm smile and remember your “friends and family” description! Thank you sooo much! The whole group voted it our best tasting…
– Anne M, October 2014

We truly enjoyed the wine but most of all your great conversation!! We had an absolute blast. Til next time!
– Shellie S, October 2014

Thanks for the great tasting!
– Russell and Tracy M, October 2014

Thank you so much for the lovely tasting yesterday …we absolutely loved the wines! It was such a pleasure to spend time with you…
– Bill and Carol P, September 2014

Great! Fabulous time! Thanks!
– Deb F, September 2014

What a pleasure it was, tasting with you the other day. …Your generosity both with sharing your knowledge, letting us taste so many wines and your time was truly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you and visiting Auteur again soon!
– Katie and John S, September 2014

Kim and I had a great time visiting you in May. This will probably become a yearly visit!
– Tom M, September 2014

Opened the first bottle of my 2012 Sonoma Chardonnay delivery last night – wow! It was delicious. Can’t wait to share with friends …no, wait! Must keep it for myself!
– Nancy K, August 2014

…Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of us a few weekends ago. We had such a wonderful time and that was mainly due to you and your wonderful hospitality. I really enjoyed meeting Kenneth too – what a bonus! We will be back and I have already recommended you to many of my wine-loving friends who visit Sonoma frequently.
– Maggie S, August 2014

We loved you and loved the wines! …You made our day!!
– Rebecca L, August 2014

It was so wonderful to meet you! Our time with you was really special and we hope to come back and visit you again in the future. Thank you so much for a great experience!
– Peggy and Jamie P, August 2014

I wanted to tell you that [our] tasting with you was the highlight of our weekend. We loved it and loved your wines. I ordered a few more after I got home.
– Scott O, July 2014

Thank you again for taking the time to allow Katie and I to taste your wines. They were definitely some of the best wines we have had in a long time.
– Kyle J, July 2014

We’re finally back to almost normal at home having time to reflect on our visit to your winery. We just wanted to thank you for your hospitality. We and our group of friends were overwhelmed with your kindness and willingness to spend time with us and taste your wines. It is a memory we will cherish forever.
– Joe & Josie J, July 2015

Thanks again for a great afternoon.
– Maureen L, July 2014

Myself, my husband, and another couple had a tasting with Bobbi in May; I have raved about your wines so now all my girlfriends want to try!
– Liz D, July 2014

Thanks again for hosting us last week. We had a terrific time…
– Michael B, June 2014

We’ve tried your wine and thought it was wonderful.
– John C, May 2014

We visited your tasting room in Sonoma recently and we had the most pleasant experience with Bobbi. She was a lovely person and so fun to do a tasting with. We absolutely loved all your wines and can’t wait to buy more and visit again on our next trip out there!
– Quincy N, May 2014

I came to your tasting room on Saturday with a group of six and we had a wonderful time with Bobbi. I placed an order I now have regret that I didn’t order more…
– Susan H, May 2014

My friend [sic] tasted last week and said I’d love your wines and that Bobbi is awesome.
– Richard G, May 2014

Really loved your wines and the tasting experience!
– Peggy S, May 2014

We had a terrific time. In fact, of the many wineries we visited over six days, our experience at Auteur was by far our favorite. The wine was delicious and elegant and lovely. And Bobbi couldn’t have been more charming.
– Nita G, May 2014

Thank you for a wonderful tasting yesterday! You make it very fun and informative. [We} all had a lovely time. Thanks for your hospitality and also for being sweet to my daughter…
– Greg L, May 2014

I understand that our guests had a wonderful experience on Saturday. Thank you!
– Rose H, Verve Napa Valley, May 2014

Just wanted to let you know what a lovely tasting we had today with Bobbi. The wines were lovely as was the guide!!
– Lisa B, March 2014

I had a great time and loved the wine tasting experience. It was great talking to Kenneth; Bobbi was amazing!!
– Tim T, March 2014

We had a fabulous time with you and can’t wait to do it with you again! You are an amazing spirit and we are blessed to have met you. Thanks again for taking such good care of us on Saturday.
– Tony and Denise L, February 2014

Now that I’m back home from vacation, I just wanted to thank you for a great tasting. It was great to taste them side-by-side to compare. I really enjoyed the Rose! Please extend a thank you to Bobbi for me.
– Chris H, December 2013

Nancy and I enjoyed our wine tasting very much and Bobbi was terrific. We look forward to drinking your wines when we return to St. Louis…
– Luke & Nancy, October 2013

The wine was DIVINE! Thank you; your Savoy is a unique and special find. I’m hooked and dreaming of it!
– Tara H, October 2013

Thank you for hosting us this afternoon. Bobbi walked us through an outstanding array of wines, and we really enjoyed her outgoing, personable style.
– Katie J, November 2013

What a delightful woman! Your wines are fabulous. A couple more cases are headed back to Wisconsin!
– Greg N, August 2013