The focus on the might and grace of each vineyard creates the signature juxtaposition unique to our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Our small lot wines harness the talent and determination of Kenneth Juhasz's vision, distinct in their preparation and respectful of their place. Blending the distinguishing strengths of tiny high-altitude grown berries, rogue muscular tannins, and a classic mineral vein of ancient coastal soils - this is what inspires us.


My father arrived in the United States as a refugee from the Hungarian revolution. His story of survival and freedom taught me early to never let anything stand in the way of my pursuits and to live with depth and conviction. Financing my way through college, I worked in fine wine shops and restaurants, when I saved enough I backpacked around the globe with my twin brother, John. Each experience further fueled my passion for wine and my visits to Europe and specifically Burgundy were life-altering. My pursuit of Burgundian style wines brought me to Oregon’s Willamette Valley where I first began making Pinot Noir, followed by several in New Zealand. In 2001, I joined the esteemed wine team at The Donum Estate in Sonoma where I continue to consult and began Auteur.

As a winemaker I extract all of what each grape gives me and begin to build a wine of character and complexity. Happiness for me is harnessing fear and understanding its delicate balance within me. Wine can be celebratory, but also have moments of solitude. I am very grateful knowing that I can bring pleasure and peace to family, friends, and even to those I may never meet.

BEYOND AUTEUR Kenneth's consulting clients include: The Donum Estate in Carneros (Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2013), Dunstan Wines (Durell Estate Vineyard), Pali Wines (Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines of 2014) and newcomers, Blue Farm and Attune. He has also worked with Gary Farrell Winery and Semper.


No, I never did milk a cow, but growing up on 40 acres in rural Wisconsin, hard work and perseverance, with humility, were rooted early. After graduating from UW-Madison, my first job was corporate pharma in Portland, Oregon, all was good, the landscape was awe-inspiring, the pay was great, yet I struggled connecting purposefully to my work. Things got more interesting when I met a southern boy at an Irish Pub. We both yearned for work with deliberate intention - work hard, live genuine and be seeded with hope and happiness. During the last 10 years, we have built our journey of Auteur from 75 cases to 2,000 crafted with just as much spirit as our first harvest. We remain beholden to the power wine has to cultivate wonderful friendships, bring warmth to families and many, many smiles to many, many faces. We welcome you to visit us at our historic 1915 California bungalow in the heart of Sonoma - we promise, it's more like visiting an old friend, than visiting a winery.